Ribbon Typeface

I designed a type face and specimen book for The Lost Type Co-Op

Blind emboss cover detail

Each book had a tie closure and a tag in true thank you gift fashion.

The book was printed two color offset, a limited edition of 300. All are signed and initialed by hand. The book is currently sold out.

Many thanks to Riley and Tyler for all their help in making this book a reality!

A border set is included with each font download.

Eleven guest designers contributed designs to the book, all were amazing. I will focus on two of them here who’s designs inspired new glyphs in the final Ribbon font. Olivia Verdugo’s  anchors, pictured here, seems right at home as a character.

Chaun Osburn’s peace sign was too good to leave out. I wonder why more typefaces don’t have a peace sign glyph?

A Huge thanks to all of the Ribbon Specimen Book contributors! Check out their work below…

of Linda Eliasen, Mauricio Cremer, Chaun Osburn, Jim Leszczynski, Olivia Verdugo, Elysse Ricci, Andy Rementer, Namik Schwarz, Lachlan Heywood Riley Cran and Ryan Katrina.

Be sure to check out all of the faces in the Lost Type catalog! Support the cause!!!